Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yep... nothing happening!

The dossiers that were waiting to be seen were not. The last NAC meeting was on the 18th. We believe the next will be on the 15th of February. We are crossing our fingers and toes for these families who are patiently waiting to have their dossiers approved.

Our dossier still has not left the agency yet. Not quite sure what the hold up or the status is now... so I am just waiting for a response from them.

Our weekend in Kimberley was a nice break and the weather was amazing. I need to recover from some lack of sleep perhaps... but at least we got a chance to unwind! I will try to post some photos tonight.


Amy & Jared said...

Hi! My name is Amy and I came across your blog in my search for Kenyan Adoption info. I'm quite new at this so I'm not sure that this is where to write this or not but thank you for sharing your journey. We've been to Kenya twice and still have a little boy that has my heart there! I look forward to following your adventure. What have you found our for cost of this adoption if you don't mind me asking.

'Jo' said...

Hi Amy!!

I tried to look for your email - to no avail.
To briefly answer your question... the prices just went up and the program fees are about $24K.

Please feel free to email me at jolenet at telus dot net and I can give you more details!

Thanks for following! ;)