Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coming undone...

Excuse the completely random post.

So you know that talk I had with 2011? Apparently, it didn't do any good.

We've been invited to a little cabin retreat a few hours from here... just to get away from the weekend. For the past 5 days though I've been battling a headache and my sinus infection is flaring up. I need to get this figured out. I thought I was on to it... noticing a pattern with my cycle. 1 in 4 women suffer from migraines and 75% of those women get them during their cycle - spurred on by hormone fluctuations. But... this sinus infection may also be the key to the problem - considering that I noticed this sinus infection just a day before my brain fart in Seattle. So, I've insisted on a Dr. appt today to try and get this sorted out so it doesn't ruin our little weekend getaway. (We have not had so much as a weekend holiday for over 14 months now!!... not for lack of trying though.)

Last night I had a terrible dream that Mikha got run over. I cried for what felt like hours in my dream... only to wake up and think oh good, it was just a dream to oh, but he is dead for real. Horrible.

Then I get a call from my sister early this am. My 25 yr old brother was being rushed to the hospital via ambulance as he just had a severe seizure. He had one previously in the fall, and has been waiting for tests. Today he was actually booked in for an EEG, and because of that - luckily he was at my Mom's house (as they suspended his license until his tests results), and she was there to call an ambulance. Having seen many seizures in her life, she says this is the worst she has ever seen. He is currently in Emerg. waiting for test results. If the news is not good, I will accompany my Dad on the 8 hour trip to Calgary. I think it snowed like 8 inches last night, and last I heard, highways were closed.

On a positive note however, we are doing a word of mouth local fundraiser... and I have been completely blown away by the support that we are seeing! I will write more on that later...

Good and bad, I think I have shed more tears in the last month than the last 2 years. I am an emotional wreck... and I see it in hubby too. I wish I could just hit the 'easy' button and transport to a quiet, tropical beach and sleep for 3 days. Rest, relax, rejuvenate, renew... you know, all that stuff - cause seriously, I think I'm hanging on by a thread.


Sylvie and Victor said...

Hope you feel better for the weekend and you can enjoy your get away! I’m sure the get-away will be relaxing and replenish your body and mind. We all need to disconnect once in a while.

Sarah said...

Sending healing thoughts for your brother - and for you!

'Jo' said...

Thank you ladies. Dr. has described me some meds, and I feel much better. Looking forward to getting away and unwinding.
My bro. is safe at home and doing well.
Just another dip in the road I guess! Have a great weekend!;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better and your brother is doing well. Hope you have some great R&R this weekend! Laura