Friday, October 17, 2014

Change in rules Kenyan Foreign Adoption

Just a quick note, as I know many of you don't do Facebook.

Today I have learned that some families have been approved with the age stipulation of between the ages of 4-6. With some further digging, I have heard the following:

  • Applicants over the age of 40, will only be referred a child over the age of 4.
  • International adoptive parents will be eligible to place and application for a second child from Kenya after 3 yrs period from the first adoption order.
  • Only one child should be given to an applicant at a time unless the children are twins. 
  • Foreign individual applicants will be placed with a maximum of two children. 

My question is - What about regular siblings!? Why maximum of two? There aren't enough orphaned children available?! Come on. So sibling sets of 3 (it does happen!) will have no hope...?

... and a quick picture to prove we are all still alive. :)