Monday, January 30, 2012


Saturday am started out like most Saturday mornings. Hubby took Mister to an early hockey practice while Muffin and I hung out. After they returned, I took the dog for a walk while hubby emptied the freezer so we could defrost it and clean it out (and hopefully figure out why the ice maker no longer produced). After I returned, I headed down to the office to get caught up on a deadline while the kids were are at a play date.

Well I'll be damned if 3 hours later, I didn't come upstairs to find this...

As I looked around, I saw that not only had the freezer been completed cleaned out (and ice maker working!!!), but the fridge as well. You can't really tell in this photo - but it was sparkling!

 Not only was the fridge clean, but he had pulled it out and cleaned behind it!! That type of thing normally doesn't happen until you move! Ha. It doesn't stop there though... the stove was also pulled out! Not a word of a lie! Proof with the Masaii knecklace he found under the stove that he got in Kenya as a child. (Don't ask how it got there??)

The recycling was done, garbage can scrubbed... and dishes washed. Kitchen floor, stairs and even baseboard. BASEBOARD!? This can only mean one thing!


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