Friday, March 12, 2010

This says it all...

A Father's plight to bring his children home from Africa (Rwanda I believe)... I love YouTube!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playground Craze!

Marbles! Or as my husband would call them (and quite possibly, no other person on the face of the earth... Allies). My kids are obsessed! It's the latest playground fad and do you think I can get my hands on any? NO! None in town. Once I do... it's going to be a great incentive program for chores I tell you!

We never played marbles as kids... I think I missed that fad. I was however, reminded of some of the schoolyard crazes that we were apart of while looking for marbles in a wonderful little toy store here in Nelson. Cats Cradle! Oh! I was overjoyed to find it and be reminded of the hours that my brother and I would spend perfecting it! I had to buy it for Muffin. Determined to start a whole new craze - one for the girls! Well, can you imagine what it is like to try and teach a 6 yr old how to do it, when I only have 2 hands and am the only one in the household who knows how to do it! Lol... it was amusing. I'm going to have wait until I can find another knowledgable participant.

Then that got me to thinking about other fads... yoyos, slap bracelets, skipping rope, friendship pins, friendship bracelets.... hours upon hours spent making bracelets that were pinned to the knees of your pants. Those were the good days...