Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Confessions - My 'lines' have been crossed.

It's crunch time... so I literally have to write this in under 5 mins.

My hubby has been slaving at work to get things done. The other night he worked until 2am, then back up at 6am. That leaves me to manage every.thing. else. I think I may be over my head here. I am honestly not sure if I will get everything done on time. One way or another it will get done though, even if it's not done the way I want.

So with things in overdrive, our lives are in complete disarray...

The proof? Oh let me count the ways...

I used 3 ziploc bags in each of the kids' lunches today, and didn't care.

I have thrown paper and cardboard in the garbage because it was closer than the recycling bin. Add to that tin cans and plastic bags.

I am encouraging the use of plastic cups, cutlery and plates.

I have used cleaners that I uncovered from the bosom of our sink cabinet - full of who knows what toxins. That includes a magic eraser that just about took my skin off - note* - wear gloves!

I have purchased fabric softener and used it to leave our towels and bedding soft and smelling lovely. I also purchased Downy Unstoppables which I am in love with and don't even want to think of all the chemicals in them. I will live in ignorant bliss for another 10 loads or so... (I also use them as room fresheners as well).

I have missed breakfast and lunch on most days. (But increased the coffee intake.)

That coffee now consists of instant coffee as I have packed the kitchen away.

I let my son eat pumpkin pie for super last night. (It's squash at least right?)

Tonight's dinner was Sunny Boy porridge and toast.

I'm considering a 7 day fast or shake cleanse to save time not having to worry, but then realize that I still have to feed our children - so I consider frozen food, and if I had one - I would surely consider the microwaveable variety! (Do you hear me Tracy?! You know it's bad when!....)

Sorry earth... and my dear children who may be skipping a couple food groups these days. I promise to resume my responsibilities to you once I can find my way out of this maze of boxes and into the arms of Kenya! 11 days until we board that plane!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Counting our blessings..

Every child is a blessing. But with this particular referral we have so much to be thankful for. Wanna know more details about Z?

She is 27 lbs. According to this growth chart, she is in the 50th percentile. This means she's completely average... which is an amazing thing for a little girl in an orphanage in Africa! This eases our mind to know that our little girl has been well cared for... giving her such a great start.

She has spent 96% of her life in this one home. It's a relief to know that she didn't spend too much time in a hospital or at other homes, being moved place to place.

Her social history is a best case scenario. While abandonment is never an easy pill to swallow, I have dreaded the thought of having to explain a worse case scenario to my daughter. Infants left in latrines. So sad, and I am so relieved that I don't have to explain that one. While we will never know why she was abandoned, we do have reason to believe that she was loved... and we do have some pieces of information that may bring her comfort later on. An abandonment with ill intention, abuse or perhaps simply having no information at all... were my worst fears.

Her name. I'll be honest with you... I am not a big fan of 'older' Americanized names, or many common biblical names (most likely because they are 'old'... lol) - which is the majority of names of children in Kenyan Orphanages. I'm not going to start listing names that I wished she didn't have, as I'm likely to stick my foot in mouth... so I will tell you that I had always said that I hope her name is 'Faith', 'Hope', 'Imani' or something else, that I can't say without giving away her name (obviously!). So when I heard her name... I had tingles run up and down my body. What are the chances?

Her big beautiful eyes. We have originally requested 2 children because we wanted them to have someone in the family they could identify with. This went out the window when we were only approved for 1 child. Knowing there is so much about her that will be different from us, Muffin and I wished that she could at least share our big eyes, so we had a physical feature that all of us girls shared.

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada... and wow, do I have a lot to be thankful for!

We have a travel date now, flying out on the 21st and landing in Kenya on the 23rd. We will be leaving our home on the 19th to get to Calgary. A lot of miles to cover in those few days, and a lot of things to do before now and then.

I will leave you all with a perfect little smile. (Look at those little chiclet teeth!!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That moment...

That moment,
when I have my baby girl snugged in tight against my chest.
Our hearts entwined...
Her head nestled under my chin.
Soft breaths of peace slowly rising from her chest.
I glance down slightly to kiss her sweet little head.
Close my eyes
take a deep breath...
breathing in all her sweetness,
 thanking God for this most precious gift.
THAT is the moment
I cannot wait for.


Monday, October 1, 2012

It is with great JOY that we announce to you our REFERRAL!!

I will just get right to the photos, because I know that is what you are after!

First peek... 
I love this... the wonder in Mister's little face...thinking she is so cute
Muffin is about to jump through the screen and squeeze her she is so excited

 Awwww.... Mister wouldn't stop putting his hands all over his face, what a new emotion for him. 
The wonder in Muffin's face... 

Daddy's little Princess!

Mommy's Joy!

I wish I could show you a photo of her. I have been looking into this... some people show photos of their referral, some don't. Some have to sign documents stating they won't. It seems to vary country to country, agency to agency. There are no concrete rules, and we have not been given any instructions. However, just to play it safe, we are going to withhold from sharing with you until she is in our arms at least. It's killing me to do it too! But I can offer you some information.... 

She is 2 yrs old

She is beautiful (of course!)

She has yummy medium brown skin

She has kissable full lips

She is a LEO (Can you believe it!? I'm a Leo.. and love Leo's ;)

She is fiercely independent and decides who will hold her or not. (Hmmm strong willed Leo... never!)

Last but not least... one thing I wished for, was some big, beautiful eyes...

and I think you can agree, we got it! :)