Thursday, November 27, 2014

Immediate Moratorium on Inter-Country Adoptions

I'm sorry to have to update after so long with such devastating news. I've been scrambling all day to get as much info as possible - not much is known.

Please say a prayer for those in process, in country - fostering their children.

Cabinet - No more foreign adoptions - Daily Nation

Press Statement

Feel free to lend your voice on LAN's page:

or send some fan mail to Mr Kenyatta

Friday, October 17, 2014

Change in rules Kenyan Foreign Adoption

Just a quick note, as I know many of you don't do Facebook.

Today I have learned that some families have been approved with the age stipulation of between the ages of 4-6. With some further digging, I have heard the following:

  • Applicants over the age of 40, will only be referred a child over the age of 4.
  • International adoptive parents will be eligible to place and application for a second child from Kenya after 3 yrs period from the first adoption order.
  • Only one child should be given to an applicant at a time unless the children are twins. 
  • Foreign individual applicants will be placed with a maximum of two children. 

My question is - What about regular siblings!? Why maximum of two? There aren't enough orphaned children available?! Come on. So sibling sets of 3 (it does happen!) will have no hope...?

... and a quick picture to prove we are all still alive. :)

Monday, July 28, 2014


OH, it's gonna be another BIG party!!

 I believe I said last year's party was big as we were making up for missed birthdays. Well, I have no rhyme or reason now, other than she deserves it, and we have so much fun doing it!

Stay tuned, we have some awesome plans in store for her


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where have I been??

Exciting news and updates!

I apologize for my long absence. I hadn't even stopped in to check messages prior to today, so I apologize for not returning your comments and questions.

Things have been busy, particularly on my end. I have taken on a new role at Linked Through Love as Internet Marketing Coordinator, which means I am in charge of web design, editing and blogging in addition to some Facebook stuff. So basically, any free time I would have used to blog over here, has been utilized over there. Which is okay, as this moment in time I feel my time is more valuable in assisting and supporting children from there.

Zahra is doing amazing, growing like a weed and steadily advancing in all areas. Quite frankly, things have been so low key, there really hasn't been anything that I can share to help you all along in your adoption journeys. I'm sure we will reach some milestones and stumbling blocks in the future that will have me back in this space, now that the LTL website is complete. Check it out by the way and tell me what you think! (Take it easy on me, I'm not a professional. ;) For those who want to follow via Facebook, you can find us here.

Some exciting news is the completion of the Mogra Playground. My smile is big, and heart is full knowing how much joy this will bring to every 123 children at Mogra. Also exciting is Mogra is in full swing of their adoption program, having processed over 20 children for adoption now!

We are also working in the DRC, on a few orphan care projects. We have fitted out a couple orphanages with shoes to keep them from getting Jigger infections. We are also still working on treating the children who have Jigger infections (which is sadly, most all of them in our partner orphanages). Yes, it's extremely nasty... and we have some photos and more information here if you have the stomach for it.

And, last but not least, we also got a new puppy. (Just in case I wasn't busy enough!)

Don't give up me, I'm sure I will be much more available come fall!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mom of the Year - 2014!

Yep, that's right. This year, I didn't even have to be nominated. It was hands down, no contest.

To make a long story short, and cut straight to the embarrassing facts...

I dropped Mister Man and Zahra off to spend the afternoon at the 'FAIR', but in reality, I dropped them off at a FUNERAL!

Fair, funeral - similar right!? Good Lord!!

I made arrangements with a friend to drop the kids off at the indoor 'fair', where she would keep an eye on them for the afternoon. I pulled up front to the kids' school and took their jackets before shooing them inside. There was a lot of activity and cars out front. Seems normal for a fair. I drove off.

My poor son, after living with such a courageous, outspoken, older sister, he is not used to handling 'situations' on his own.

Shortly after arriving, the somber tempo and crowd of elderly folks dressed in their black funeral attire, was a clear indication that they were in the wrong place. The office phone was locked up, so he couldn't call me. They had no jackets, so they couldn't walk home.

He finally mustered up the courage to enter the school gymnasium (where said funeral was taking place) and asked someone if they had a phone. He miss-dialed my number twice. Tried Dan, who purposely didn't answer the 'strange' number twice. Third attempt, Dan answered and Mister tried as best he could to hold back his tears as he asked Daddy to come get them.

The folks at the funeral shed pity upon my children, giving them juice and cookies to make up for their Mother's stellar parenting.

As it turned out, I obviously got the venue wrong. Funeral was at the school, Fair was at the church. Makes sense right? Ha.

Fair to Funeral - the only thing that could have possibly made this worse, is if they walked into an open casket!

Now top that!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Disturbing Trends - Kenya adoption update

I really don't even know how to begin. Quite frankly, I am feeling like this program, that is obviously so near and dear to my heart, is on an inevitable track to derailment.

Please know that everything I am going to speaking about below is here-say, and my thoughts and opinions. It has not been formally or officially communicated or published by the NAC.

I have always refrained from posting 'here-say' here, and much of my information comes days, and sometimes weeks from me hearing it because I want to validate it before posting. I know how emotional this journey is, and I really don't want to add unnecessary concern or stress. However, it is also a juggling act for me as I know most of the information in adoption is not published or official, but rather information gained in our adoption networks, and important to our journeys.

As you all know, we are seeing some very disturbing trends since the new NAC committee has been formed.

We have heard about 3 rejections this year alone, and I believe there is more. My heart goes out to these families. This is a new trend. I myself, have not heard of families being rejected prior to this.

If we look at the reasons that were given for the rejections, in addition to comments that were made by the CD representatives at the US adoption meeting I referred to in my last post, in addition to the experience of others in country, and of our local agencies, there is too much evidence to support the following synopsis.

  • Childless couples with infertility have priority
  • Couples with NO fertility issues are not a priority and may be rejected
  • Adopting a third child is not favorable and also may be rejected
  • Having previously adopted from another country is not favorable
There have been some very random statement and actions that simply indicate the NAC is unpredictable and may be acting out against international adoption in general, as many have indicated for months now. 

Please visit JoEllen's blog, where she posted a recent memo from her local agency, that also indicates the above.

Key points copied below:

- NAC meets once a month, as previously

- Max 10 applications for inter-country adoption is approved per meeting
- Childless couples have priority
- NO to adopt a third child
- Infertility certificates shall be included in the dossier . The reason for adoption must be clear. NAC wants to understand why you want to adopt a child from Kenya, and if one can smoothly get biological children, they are not a priority.
- An update to the consent investigation (home study) is required if the investigation is over a year old when the file is sent to Kenya
Waiting times at the NAC
With the current situation it is very difficult to know how long our applicants must wait before NAC can get an answer. NAC has many applications waiting for answers and they have not yet had time to go through all the applications received from October 2013 onwards.

Onwards and upwards. If you already have a dossier submitted and fall into one of these unfavorable categories, keep your chin up and stay positive. Some families in these situations are still being approved, whereas others are not. 

If you have not submitted your dossier and fall into one of these categories, I suggest you consider the risk upon entering this program. Much of it simply feels like a crap shoot...

Personally, I would be investigating Zambia adoption. I think this it is a program worth keeping tabs on.

At the end of the day, I am very sad. I'm sad for all of you. I am sad for the orphaned children of Kenya who are being raised in orphanages instead of families. Selfishly, I am sad for my daughter knowing the impact this will have on the growth of our Canadian Kenyan adoption community.

My heart sinks knowing, had we waiting one more year, we may not have been approved, as we fall under both unfavorable categories of having no fertility issues, and having 2 children. I assure you that we did our best to defend our position while in country in a way that would hopefully bring forth an understanding of how our culture differs in our acceptance of adoption. In the end however, the program is being governed by new people now. Perhaps they are simply exercising their power, and hopefully they will soften and come to a greater understanding of international adoption within time.

I think it's important to stress to all those in process to please proceed with care and respect. You are representing every international adopter that comes behind you. You have an obligation to conduct yourselves in manner that leaves the officials with a good impression. Wear your suit and tie, skirts/dresses, over-dress your children on court day, be sure to care for their hair (no natural fros or dreads), be polite and respectful and try to convey as best possible, your desire and ability to love a child who not only adopted, but also from a different race/culture. 

2 of our 4 adopted Kenyan Canadians. So thankful for them in our lives.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kenya Adoption Update - Backlog

Unfortunately, many times in the course of our adoption journeys we are told many things that simply don't happen. Policies change, programs change and people simply change their minds. We have to remember that we cannot project our home country service standards (which are not without their own share of problems) to the bureaucracy of the countries we adopt from. Hence, some of the highs and lows that make up some of the bumps in this roller coaster ride.

The NAC did not meet in the beginning of March as was slated. They have decided to resume their regular 'monthly' meetings and not hold an extra meeting per month. March's meeting was scheduled for today, the 25th. We have not yet had confirmation that it did indeed take place. (*EDIT - The meeting took place March 18th.)

Last week, on the 20th, there was a US embassy meeting on adoption with two members from the Children's Department in attendance. They said the NAC IS still seeing US applications and there is a backlog of  approximately 40 total applications (from all countries). They confirmed they are seeing 10 cases each month.

This leads me to believe that there is at least a 6 month backlog for those who submit their dossiers from this point forward.

There are quite a few families with dossiers submitted between Sept/Nov 13 that have still not been seen.

My thoughts are with those of you who are still in waiting... Maybe this will provide you some comfort, and I'm sure a tear or two. Hang in there you all - it will happen!!