Sunday, January 8, 2012

A call for help, for this beautiful boy.

Nothing breaks my heart more than the stories of the orphans in Eastern Europe. You've likely heard about it, and if so, you will recall children in orphanages left alone, hungry and unloved. Children who are so unstimulated, they rock, the bang their heads, they pull their hair, they rub patches of their skin until it bleeds - just for stimulation! You may have also heard the term 'laying room', or alternatively coined 'the dying room' where children are left in cribs, in the dark, sedated, and sometimes even strapped down. All day. All night. They don't get to come out unless it's to be changed or fed. Most of these children can't even stand. And if that isn't bad enough... once they turn 5/6, they are sent to die in a mental institution. And this is the epitome of hell.

The good news is, that many of children have been rescued and adopted... and most have amazingly flourished (check out my Amazing Mama's/ Amazing Children links)! Well who wouldn't really, outside the confines of a concentration camp (which is essentially what they're like!)?

A few days ago, I read about Valentin. A beautiful boy who was witnessed by an adopting family to be healthy, responsive and aware. This photo is when he was moved to a laying room a year ago.

This is Valentin a few months later...

And this is Valentin a year later.

Shocking, wouldn't you say?! Downright disturbing.

Thanks to a blog shout out to try and save this boys life, a lovely family stepped up to adopt him!! But it's not that easy, they have just completed 2 special needs adoptions in 2 years and can't afford the fees. This is URGENT! Valentin has just been scheduled to be transferred to a mental institution! We need to act fast to get this boy home.

Valentin is a Reece's Rainbow child and donations can be made through them on their website. Please consider making a donation, and sharing his story with others on your blog. Blogging has found him a family, and blogging can hopefully find the funding! Let's rally together to rescue Valentin!

To read more about Valentin or his new family, check out their website.

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Candice said...

Thanks for the opportunity to help this little guy. What an angel.