Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kenya's Orphanages

I have compiled a list of Children's Homes and Orphanages in Kenya and added the links to the sidebar. As adoptive parents, it passes the time to pour over the photos of the babies and see if you can catch a glimpse of what may be your future child. I also love to look behind the scenes... and take note of orphanage as a whole. Is it clean? Are there stimulating toys? Are babies taken outside? Do they look healthy, well fed, loved? Etc... And in addition, we are looking for a good place for our family to volunteer at while we are in Kenya.

New Life Homes for me is at the top of the list. Just take a look a all those healthy, chubby babies!!! It is clear that these children are very well cared for! We hope and pray that our little one(s) is being well cared like these children are.

New Life Homes has also have extended an offer for us to come in and volunteer. Hold, play and just love the babies. Of course, we hope we can also offer our skills as well. Dan as a contractor and stonemason and my book keeping, marketing, blogging etc... The kids will be a big help there too! What a gift for us to be able to do this! Many orphanages don't allow children to volunteer, so we are very grateful that they will accept us as a family.

 New Life Homes is located in Nairobi. We hope to find accommodation in the area within walking distance to them.
Here is New Life's newest video....

Thank you New Life for saving these children. For holding them, loving them, and keeping them safe until their forever families can get to them! We are so very indebted to the love that you shed upon these little  ones.


Unknown said...

It sounds like things are moving along with your adoption plans! This orphanage in Kenya looks amazing. It is nice to hear good news for kids. We always hear the bad news stories in the news. Good luck on getting a referral soon!

Melina Thibodeau, Victoria, B.C.

'Jo' said...

Thank you Melina! I haven't spoken with Robert in awhile, but I hope things have worked out/are working out for you as well!

Orphanages for Children said...

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