Thursday, January 26, 2012


How I love this little BC city! It's known as the  "Bavarian City of the Rockies", with a European alpine theme.

Last weekend we were treated to a nice weekend at a chalet with Hubby's sister (Auntie K) and her husband (Uncle R). The weather, scenery, and company couldn't have been better. 

We took the kids for a walk around the town center Platzl. Sadly, it was pretty dead... but the kids enjoyed the largest Cuckoo Clock in Canada regardless. Just as I did as a child! 

I also enjoyed the shopping. Not that I bought anything, but I loved browsing the neat little shops regardless. If your there, check out the Back Door - one of my favorite stores! Also not to be missed is the Togs and Toys consignment store down the street. Ah May Zing! I am totally going to go there to shop for all the kids' second winter gear next year. Hockey equipment, snow shoes, skis, snowsuits, lots of clothing and toys for cheap, cheap. They had like new Zoobies for $6!! $6! Took all I had not to buy one!! Not to mention all the baby clothing, wraps, carriers etc... sigh.

I love these blocks... Can you see why I love this photo? ;)

We got a ton of snow over the weekend, and Dan and the kids really enjoyed playing "Fox and Hens" outside in the snow. 

We also found a fantastic tobogganing paradise at the Trickle Creek Golf Course. It was 2 bowls essentially with hills varying from beginner to advanced. The best sledding hills! Ever! 

This is Dan going down the hill - with Koda following.
Saturday night, Auntie K treated us to a little surprise. It started with a drive to the ski hill where we got suited out in snowshoes. Followed by a trip up the chairlift - which was FREEZING way up there with the windshield. (But nice on the ground!)

Once we got to the top, we strapped on our snowshoes and went for a tour. The snow was deep... and my little monster of a son seemed to be able to float right on top of all that snow... while most of us were sinking. I wish I had a video camera because he was so very thrilled by being able to knock us over and watch us writhe around like turtles on our backs.

Ever try to push yourself up in 5' of soft snow with large plates strapped to your feet?! It was quite humorous! The kids didn't seem to have much trouble though! It was amazing to see how the could maneuver with the snow shoes. I felt like I was doing the pregnant waddle. Ha. And every time I fell, I got snow down the back of my pants because I forgot to do up my snow guard on my jacket. That just made it even more fun for the little monsters! HA! It was a lot of fun though... lots and lots of laughs. 

This is the only photo I have this - iphone takes terrible photos at night. (I'm in orange.)

After our little trek in the woods, we walked to a cabin where a nice little chocolate fondue was waiting for us! Yummolicious!

I think the kids enjoyed the chocolate!!

If your interested - the Ski Hill puts this little package together... rentals and all. I recommend it for all age groups.. (Don't hesitate to bring your own bottle of wine too - if they haven't yet added it to the package!)

All in all, a great weekend... well deserved and well enjoyed!

... and a pretty drive home!

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