Friday, January 6, 2012

Presents for Zahra

Even though we don't know who she is, we know that she does exist, and in our hearts, she is with us. So, yes... Zahra received some Christmas gifts as well! Things to start filling the shelves and closet in her room.

Zulu the Zebra Zoobie for Zahra! Ha. From Mommy and Daddy

An Owl onesie and an Owl shirt from Aunty Jenell. Pretty sweet of her hey? Thank you J, very thoughtful of you!

And an owl towel and book from Santa. I highly recommend this book for the adopted child...! Not that it was necessarily written for the adopted child, but it works!

An excerpt...

On the day that we met and I put you to bed,
I noticed a crown on the top of your head.

It was made up of sparkling, glimmering things
like moonlight and fireflies, and dragonfly wings.


I always knew just what your crown meant.
It said that you were MAGNIFICENT.

 (That means you are grand from your toes to your chin.
Take a deep breath, and let that sink in.)


Sylvie and Victor said...

Love the gifts!!! I'm sure Zahra will love them when she gets home to her forever family.

Sarah said...

Those owls are so adorable! She is going to love those gifts.