Friday, January 13, 2012

Breaking News - Kenya Elections

From the KCA

"The High Court's eagerly awaited ruling on the Election date is finally out. The Judges ruled that our next general elections will be held in March 2013, unless the Grand Coalition government collapses this year. The three-judge bench in the constitutional court ruled that elections can be held within 60 days after the term of the current Parliament expires, which is January 15, 2013. If the coalition collapses, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission will also set an election date within a 60-day period. What are the implications of this landmark ruling?

There are two possible scenarios.

One: Elections will take place 60 days after January 14, 2013 when the current parliament expires. This is a possibility that many people will be unhappy with. Indeed, many many Kenyans can't wait to get rid of the bloated government which is a huge burden on the taxpayer. The desire of many is that Elections happen in August 2012 and they do not want to wait until December 2012. And now it appears that the date will be sometime in March 2013!.

Two: The possibility that the two Principals will agree on a date to dissolve the Grand Coalition Government and thus facilitate a 2012 Elections date. This will require a great deal of 'energy' to happen. The tendency of leaders is towards remaining in office and that is why we say it will take a great deal of energy to set asunder the 'marriage between ODM and PNU. Therefore it is more likely that the Grand Coalition is here to stay and Elections will possibly happen 60 days after January 14, 2013 which tmeans sometime in March 2013 - Harun Mwau's plea.
We are likely to see a string of petitions over this ruling. Perhaps, the Supreme Court may end up having to decide this matter."

Let's hope this doesn't start some riots!

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