About Us

We are a growing Canadian family of four adopting from Kenya!

Our home is a small city nestled in the Selkirk Mountains of the West Kootenays in Southern BC. 

As a family we enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing etc... all things outdoors. We also love to travel and to experience new sites, foods and activities.

Born and raised in Ontario, Hubby is a Stone Mason by trade and now a General Contractor, but very much enjoys getting back on the tools whenever he has the chance. He is quite possibly the most loyal, caring and honest man I know. He enjoys fishing, camping and spending time with his family. Very social, fun  - the creator of the infamous wide mouth frog joke, and yes, he does sleep talk A LOT (I'm talking full conversations).

I was born in the Albertan prairies and can therefore really appreciate Mountain Life. To be able to look out my window and see a world of adventure and discovery, puts a smile on my face. 
Once a Business Administrator, I packed in the books to be a work from home Mom to raise my kids. I now take care of all the book keeping and administration for our business from a home office. 
Leo, spontaneous, fun, and passionate are words that could be best used to describe me. I love to cook, garden, and would be lying if I also didn't admit to loving shopping and shoes. (But what woman doesn't?)

Muffin is our oldest, and many people say she is my look alike. 'Muffin' is actually her real nickname, but she also gets spin offs such as Muffinoli, Muffin Miester, Moofassa, Puffin, Moo Loo and the list just keeps going.  She is a very bright, energetic, happy child. There are days where I could add 'wild' and 'crazy'... she loves to have fun!! Compassionate and caring, she loves animals of all kinds and wants to be a Veterinarian when she gets older. Although she is on the fence, as she says she could never put an animal to sleep. Can't say I blame her.

Mister Man is our youngest and is said to be a miniature Hubby. Mister Man is also his true nickname, along with Cube, Cadinski, and Cadinkleheimerschmidt. Ha - that's a mouthful! A calmer version of his sister, he is more cautious, and quiet. He is very caring and loves to help others. He has many friends and is one of those kids that everyone likes. He loves to create and build with Lego and is also very artistically inclined. He is the most organized in the house... and truly abides by my saying of 'a place for everything, and everything in it's place'. If you don't where something is, you ask him. 

When you put us all together, we create the perfect recipe for an adventurous adoption! 

Always wanting a third child, but never feeling the urge to create more 'homegrowns' - we felt that it made most sense to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. By adopting, we are not only adding a child to our family, but giving a family to a child who needs one. 

The devastating affects of the Haiti earthquake gave us the push we needed  - and 2 years later, we find ourselves on our way to not only adopting from Kenya, but also to completing the required 6-9 month residency!

Dan and I have always felt a strong love and connection to Africa. It has been my dream to not only visit, but to help and volunteer. I always wanted our adoption to open our eyes, forever change our hearts and give us a future passion and avenue to make a difference. I can't think of a better way to facilitate this than to live in Kenya!!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you will follow us on our journey to our daughter.

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