Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a steal!!

I am guilty for spending way too much time this week window shopping on the web. It's like therapy for me.
I guess it's the next stage of my development through this adoption process. I have accepted that I am so over read and researched right now that I need to give it a break. I do find that the AEP subjects are a bit monotonous and redundant for me because I am so well read on the subject... so it's time to walk away from all the books, webinars etc. What is filling my time now in addition to work etc? I have started on a baby quilt (more info to follow)... and I have started to accumulate baby clutter in my house! This weekend we will be getting Muffin's room downstairs ready for her to move into. It's her birthday in May, so we are going to decorate her room as a surprise for her. (More info on that to follow too!) This will give us a designate spot for the "stuff".

While I have been pinching pennies, and really trying to get all of the baby stuff for free, or really cheap... I have bought a couple items. I found a used crib in Airdrie that had a crack in it for $40... it's really nice and almost new. Given that hubby is so handy... the crack is no concern! I also picked up a bunch of my kids' hand-me-downs that I had passed to my sister years ago. 9 garbage bags! Can you picture my minivan... Dan and I up front, kids in carseats in the second row, 2 dogs, luggage, 9 garbage bags full, 2 boxes of shoes etc, and a crib! See... the minivan can do it all!!

And... this morning, I came across a wonderful invention on . I called my sister, who is pregnant and due in June. She wanted one too... which was great, as we could both save on shipping! It's called Babbacover... a smart little cover that goes over the carseat to keep baby warm, free from sun rays, bug free...etc. without smothering the infant. (How many times have you tried to cover your infant and the blanket falls over their face!?).
My sister bought a summer one:

And I bought this one...
How cute are they?? The fleece ones also have pockets for car keys etc. I figure if we end up with a girl... I can add some pink embellishments to it... The great thing is that they were 50% off - $25 and $32. Shipping was only $7 (to Canada!!) and our dollar is doing so well - it ended up being a few dollars less than the US price!! I think that's a steal!

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