Monday, April 11, 2011

Profiling Koda!

Koda is our almost 2 yr old Australian Sheppard x Border Collie. We got Koda from a farm outside of Kelowna. His Mother was a pure bred Border Collie and his Father was a Australian Sheppard show dog.

Koda has the sweetest temperament of a dog. He is gentle and very loving! We have not had to teach him to do a single thing. He has picked up all of his manners and tricks from Mikha (our oldest dog) and from just naturally being attentive.
When the alarm goes off in the am - Koda jumps up on Mister's bed and kisses him good morning until he gets up. I am sure this is because Mister is usually the first one up and let's Koda out.

Koda is loved by the neighbourhood. Many dog walkers will walk by our house to pick up Koda to walk with them.

Koda has been entered in a Cutest pet contest - grand prize is a $500 doggy daycare certificate and we sure could use that! Having 2 dogs makes it difficult to find pet care when we leave town. When we finally get the "call" - this will bring some comfort to us, knowing we have a place for them to go. Please follow the link and vote a "10" for Koda - it would be much appreciated!!


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