Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A mundane update...

- Dan saw the surgeon on Monday. Surgeon indicated that surgery should be done this week. After not hearing back them from - I called this am. Finally after a round of phone calls to them from Dan and I, they said that it is scheduled for the 18th! Pardon me?! In all the literature and confirmed by the surgeon himself - surgery needs to be done immediately. The earlier- the most successful it is.
This is taken from
"If more than three or four weeks have passed since the rupture, the surgeon will usually need to make a larger incision in the front of the elbow. Also, because the tendon will have retracted further up the arm, graft tissue will be needed in order to reconnect the biceps to its original point of attachment on the radial tuberosity. "
Did we not speak loud enough the last 3 times we stressed the fact that he needs his right arm to put food (and a baby!) on the table!? Sounds like I am going to have to rage WWIII on the system... seems to be my specialty anyway. Funny enough... Dan is so worked up about it, he went as far to specifically "challenge" me to take care of it! lol. I guess he thinks I'm not one to turn down or lose a challenge.

- We continue to wait for the AEP. In the interim... I am really struggling with choosing an agency. The agency that I initially really liked and had high hopes for - is $10-20k more than the other agencies! The 2 other agencies in the running, either have a 3-6 month wait list, or have not had many successful placements in Canada. One is in Florida (vacation!?) and the other is in Chicago (pizza?). 2 very different places. If I could custom make my own agency... it would be in Florida or Louisiana, they would have no wait list, they would be affordable and successful. Ha! If life were that simple! People keep telling me that you'll know - the agency will just feel right. Pffft. Either I over analyze everything, or none of these agencies are right. I wish I had that feeling. My brain is doing the work though... I am trying not to involve my heart in this decision making process. The only really motivating factor to me is timing. Seriously, bringing home a newborn is not an option in 2 yrs. Now or never. My children are getting older and older... I really don't want too big of a gap. Sigh... it's days like these where I struggle with the "why the heck I am not just having a child?".

- It's April 6th... and it's snowing today. I sent a shout out to Mother Nature on facebook just in case she did not receive the bulletin that it is in fact spring!
Something I forgot to explain to her...
"I am purely motivated and charged by the sun... and my sunny disposition may become much sunnier if you actually come out and shine on me. I'm wilting away in the darkness of my dungeon. (My office in the basement)."

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