Friday, April 15, 2011

Tired of tripping over it!

Anyone who has a bi-level split, knows the storage challenges we face for entryway space. Bi-level split - means when you enter the home, you are faced immediately with stairs. Stairs up and stairs down. We have no closet by the door and if you try to come in the door as a family of 4, you either get pushed up the stairs or down the stairs. At the top of our stairs there is a small closet. This closet is home to all of our current season shoes and jackets. Typically, it is a big mess of everything thrown in there. And typically... it spills out into the hallway. The kids come home from school, throw their stuff in the closet which then begins to trickle out and you end up tripping over it and by the next morning at least one person is missing a jacket or a shoe. It is pure madness.

So, I went to Walmart looking for an inexpensive solution. Tight for space... I had to create something. I found a decent enough wall hook board. Then I bought a small mat that matches our decor - thinking the rule would be that the children had to keep their shoes on the mat. Then I thought - as a Mom with 8 years under my belt, I know the impossibility of this. The reality is that those shoes and boots would never remain on the mat - they will be kicked off, tripped over, picked up by a dog and traipsed around the house. So I found these cute little bucket/baskets for $5. The kids love them! They don't look so feng shui, but they suit their purpose. The kids actually store all of their footwear in the bins and they don't get kicked all over. The mornings are now a dream... backpacks, shoes and jackets are now in one place - on the way out the door. I did not want to clutter my entryway and this is why I have not done this sooner. However, I am so over trying to make things look 'nice', I just want functionality! I wish I would have saved myself tons of morning grief and done this sooner!!

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