Friday, April 8, 2011

...And then it happened!

I received the "sign"... the "you'll know"... the "you'll have a feeling."
I have been weighing on the fence of what US agency to contract with. I was starting to consider FRC (Family Resource Centre) in Chicago. The directors were wonderful to speak with. They are always available and return emails very quickly. Something lacking from the last agency I was considering. They are also much more affordable. BUT. They have only placed 1 - ONE - UNO - baby since the Hague! The Executive director told me himself for whatever reason, they don't seem to have much luck placing in Canada. I was very concerned and hesitant to go any further because of this. Was it for lack of Canadian clients, or was it lack of the enthusiasm etc. with which the social workers represented Canadians? Perhaps, because this agency is pro open adoption (which we are)... maybe they are recommending local families?

I was told there is 4 Canadian clients. So I went on the hunt for them. I found 3 of them. The third, I met online Wednesday night. A very sweet woman and her husband who had been active clients since December. However... they weren't without their own challenges as a potential adoptive family. Just as we have a challenge that may set us back from many other applicants because we have 2 bio children. Their challenge, was they would have been considered on the older age range. So, not only do they have the "Canadian" challenge, but they are older applicants. Their profile had been shown a few times, but they had to compete with a dozen others.

Yesterday, after passing a few emails back and forth. She sent me an email that I could literally feel the vibrations from - in fact I still get goosebumps when I read it. "I do believe in miracles now..." They were not only matched! but to an infant that was already born! an infant that looks just like her husband! and papers were signed a couple hours later! No. Kidding!

To go from the helplessness of wondering if this is ever going to happen for you - to having a baby instantly. It is a miracle!... and it my sign. With less than 24 hours of meeting this woman... she received a miracle and was kind enough to share it with me!

Her experience has taught me that we absolutely have just as great of a chance at being chosen with this agency than a US client. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be! Hooray for this new family, and thank goodness I have found my "peace"!

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