Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Owl taggies and burp blankets.

I have in mind to have a "Owl" themed nursery, so I have been mucking around with my sewing machine, trying to get good at this art of sewing. I started with this set. I saw "Taggies" on the internet, and decided to create one, but in the image of an owl. Then I made a burp pad (receiving blanket) to match.

 It was a lot of fun, but very time consuming. I put a layer of plastic from a cereal bag inside (for that crinkly sound babies love!) and a layer of cotton batting as well. The tags are triple sewn, and the blanket is one layer of a super absorbent cloth diaper and a layer of flannel. A friend commissioned me to make one for her as a gift for a friend of hers. So I made this one...

In Calgary this weekend, I intend to find some fabric deals so I can start to make some owl pillows and stuffies! So fun!

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Katie said...

those are fantastic! good work! :)