Thursday, April 28, 2011

AEP Self Study Plus - FAS video

We had our first conference call last night with 3 other families and the social worker. The call went well and the conversation was good. It lasted an hour and a half and we will have 3 more.

For every call, you are required to have completed certain AEP chapter reading, handouts and watch some videos. The first video we watched was an older video on working through infertility. The second was a recent news story on when adoption goes wrong. The story of a boy adopted whom was later diagnosed with FAS.

I thought I would share it with you, as most of us who are adopting will have to face this risk - despite what boxes we check or don't check.

This is a worst case, rare scenario mind you, but good to know what the risks are. The facts remain however, that no matter how a child comes into your life, there are risks. Bio children can be born with a multitude of conditions or defects. There are no guarantees.

The clip can be found here - fast forward it to 3:10.

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