Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Golden locks of love...

It was time. Or perhaps well over the time.... for Muffin and I to get our hair cut.
Look how long her hair was!!

Hair this long clearly meant that Mom has to comb it in the mornings, and it never looks nice unless we 'do' something with it. She was ready for a change. She decided she wanted to cut it off just below her shoulders. Our lovely stylist, mentioned that if she took a couple more inches off, she could donate it to cancer. Well what's a couple more inches?

It is a bit shorter than I would have liked... but I am glad that it didn't all go to waste, and I am happy that she is able to feel the pride of such a kind act. She made the decision entirely on her own.

She can't stop running her hands through it and loves the change. It's not a length that she wants to keep, but she realizes that it is only a matter of time before it is back to being long again.

And my hair... finally held a curl for longer than 20 minutes! Surprise, surprise... ;)

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