Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just another adoption update

I say 'just'... because I'm holding on for the update. You know, the one where our dossier has left the country, or has been approved... or referral (of course!). But for now, I only have little wee baby step updates... which are good too! Any movement in the right direction is a good thing!

Last update I told you that our dossier was still at Foreign Affairs after that little mess up. Well, I visited the FedEx website at least 8 times a day  twice a day, wondering what the heck could take it so long. What I didn't know, is that they used a different courier and tracking number to send it directly to the Kenyan embassy! On a whim, I checked the next tracking number (to agency from Embassy) and saw that it was due to arrive on the 28th! (just passed). In other words - the correction was made at FA, and the documents were all legalized at the embassy and returned in 7 business days! That's pretty awesome!

Last I heard from my agency, is that they have to sign off on it and send it to the Ministry in Victoria who then sends it to Kenya. I did not know about this little detour... I looked it up though and found this... The adoption steps for a HAGUE adoption in BC. So now we wait to hear back from our Agency... who, I believe is bogged down as of late with the new Hope clients. I am hoping they are able to get it out quickly though. We are too late to make it there in time for the March NAC meet, but we should get there for the April meet! Which would mean a June referral... however, currently NAC has not been approving recent dossiers. They appear to have a backlog, and have been a few months behind. Hopefully, this will clear up soon!


Jacquie said...

Thanks for the update! It's always good to find out about and celebrate even the little baby steps.

Candice said...

You're moving closer to the finish line. One step at a time. Exciting stuff!

Quinn And Zoe said...

It all feels so soon for you guys... celebration for every single teeny step is in need!