Monday, February 13, 2012

It is these ones we need to fight for...

How sad ... so very sad, and unfair is it that a beautiful nine month old baby has had such a horrific past that not only does she lack the will to even try to weight bare on her legs... but that the light has turned out in her eyes? Look at those eyes... These eyes bring me straight to tears. They tell a horrific story of abuse and neglect. These are the ones we need to pray for, fight for. I am so happy that baby Elizabeth has been rescued and I can only hope that the light returns to her eyes. Poor baby girl.

Please visit His Cherished Ones if you would like to learn more, or find out how you can help children like these.

From HCO - "And this is Elizabeth. Sweet Elizabeth has also been neglected during her few short months of life. Though she did have a mother to feed her and meet her basic needs, it is clear that she was missing so much. Her mother has been committed for neglect, after abandoning her a few weeks ago. Though an absolute beauty of a baby girl, Elizabeth is quite delayed in her development. Her muscles are extremely weak. Her poor little legs just flop about. At nine months old, she makes no effort whatsoever to weight bear on her legs. She is a very mellow baby who has obviously had little to no interaction or stimulation. She is perfectly content in any situation, indicating that there are no expectations as to what she wants or expects. She has obviously learned to self-sooth and be content in any environment. She is absolutely precious!

Please pray that little Elizabeth will gain strength in her body and life into her soul. Pray that she will quickly settle in and feel comfortable in her environment, and that she will progress developmentally. For whatever time we are blessed to have her in our home, may she soak up all the love that God has for her."

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