Thursday, February 9, 2012

Early Morning Pancake Animals

 The Key - Success is only defined by whether or not your animal can actually be identified!

Giraffe for Muffin

Elephant for Mister
Piggy for Daddy

Snake for Muffin - I know, this one pretty pathetic!
And, only  a boy would choose a 'Guy and a bow and arrow'? I think he was trying to make my job difficult!
Good old fashion blue berry round for Mommy
 The Secret Weapon: A recycled ketchup bottle or other condiment bottle. (I had to cut the top of this one off bit, as it was too narrow.)

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Katie said...

whoa you are talented! I feel inspired to step up my pancake shape game! ;)

'Jo' said...

lol... it's all in the bottle Katie!

Anna said...

Clever! :D Thanks for sharing the idea!