Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kenya Adoption - Functions and Duties of the NAC and Societies

Because we Kenya adopting folks have nothing better to do while waiting, we dig around and try to get some details. Try to understand this program and it's process - better. For any of you coming behind us... here are some good details on the functions and duties of the National Adoption Committee and Societies. (PDF document)

It's a difficult wait for those who have had dossiers in the country for months. Every month, another NAC meet goes by (this is the committee that approves us to adopt in Kenya - the last stop before our referral), and another month goes by with no news. Granted, there are only a handful of us... (bound together by a quiet yahoo group and a more active Facebook group). It is hard not not knowing of 'others'. Not knowing if anyone is being approved... if there is any movement, anywhere.

Is there anybody out there...? (I feel like I'm stranded on a island, distressed and making SOS signals to Pink Floyd.) If there is ... our sanity depends on any information you may have. No pressure... ;) but, please contact me if you are in process and have recently been approved - or if you have been waiting forever, or whatever... any information counts! You don't have to come forth publicly or disclose your identity (I don't bite, honestly)... but you can send me an email by clicking on my profile - or just go ahead and send an email to jolenet (at) telus (dot) net.

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