Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The best Valentine's gifts!!

Yesterday we received notification that our Dossier was returned from being authenticated at Foreign Affairs and is being sent to the Kenyan embassy for legalization. Yay... another step completed. (I often envision myself climbing Chichen itza, one step at a time... )

My hubby also surprised me with a fixed pandora bracelet that I broke 18 months ago during a soccer game with Mister. I so love gifts of the heart. Gifts that require some thought are so much more meaningful to me than a last minute gift purchase. So extra points for this one!!

Then the kids surprised me with this Pandora charm (picked out by Daddy while they were in school)... Every Pandora charm is to symbolize something, and this obviously symbolizes our journey to Kenya. Love it!

And if that wasn't enough... hubby also gave me a poem he had written. It's too sweet not to share. ;)

My Valentine

You are the woman 
Who's making it happen
The winds of change
Are at our door rapp'n

We all have our dreams
That sit and get dusty
Most never followed
Until they're too musty

Buy you are a woman 
Of unparalleled drive
That takes all our dreams
And makes them alive

Now we, as a family
Will soon be expanded
Because of commitment
You yourself have demanded

One or two children 
Brought into our fold
More love and more children
To have and to hold

A much richer life
We all will now live
Because of the effort
That you selflessly give

But it isn't just us 
That your work has helped out
Your saving a child
Whose future's in doubt

Through some difficult times
We've had a dream you've provided
And towards that great goal
It's by you we've been guided

Your are beautiful woman
Both inside and out
The fact that I'm lucky
Of that there's no doubt

And now we embark
On the next stage of life
With an adventure I've longed for
To share with my wife

We'll travel and live 
In a strange foreign land
We'll offer the needy 
A strong helping hand

To do this together
Fulfilling my dream
Of adventure and helping
As a family team

To know that a child
Will be pulled from such strife
To be loved by a Mother
For the rest of her life

It really is not
Just some simple task
You've leaped all the hurdles
How one might ask?

Through love and commitment
With passion and drive
The powerful queen bee
Who tends to our hive

You make it happen
With grace and with style
Keeping us happy and content
All the while

So on Valentine's day
Here I sit and reflect
How the woman I married
Is close to perfect

Yes it's true
We may not always agree
But you are the core
of our happy family

I'll live life to the fullest
With you by my side
Who you were, who you are
Fills me with pride!

Isn't that sweet!? I am just so thankful that Valentine's was not 2 weeks ago... or I'd still be crying! Ha. Hope you all had a fantastic day!!


Anna said...

So sweet! :)

Sylvie and Victor said...

Congrats on the movement of your dossier. :)
You were really spoiled at valentine! You are truly loved by your family.