Friday, February 10, 2012

Clearly, this is the problem...

... to my 'anger issue' that only exists in my hubby's head of daisy's and white fuzzy rabbits. (Love you hunny.)

Yes... Pinterest gave me an 'aha' moment. Although I do admit that I do get frustrated sometimes with people I know... I just brushed it off as not understanding how they think. I know everyone is different, and I respect that... but I'm talking about things that I understand to be common courtesy or humanity. I do often have a tough time understanding how their views can be so different from what I think should be the norm. Does that ramble on make sense? If not - let's just capture it with the above quote. Aha... YES - could not have said it better myself. This is the basis of any frustration in my life. Upon discovering my "Aha" moment - I called hubby downstairs, knowing he would find it amusing based on some conversations we have had lately.

"I know what my problem is"... 

"To your anger issue?" (What my husband classifies as an anger issue - is me verbalizing my disappointment - I am not a psychotic fireball. ;).

He looks at the quote and nonchalantly says, "Good, now you can get over it. Move on."

Spoken just like my husband... who doesn't harbor a seed of resentment or anger to anything. Which further fuels my frustrations - because this is a man that would give his right arm for anyone, and is often taken advantage of... but yet, he never can sympathize with any of my above frustrations, which likely results in my over emphasis of frustration in an effort to be heard and understood... only to never be. Damnit! lol.

Yes dear, if this were a perfect world I could learn to:


BumbersBumblings said...

I can relate entirely! My husband could relate with your's entirely!!!

'Jo' said...

Haha! Isn't it true that their lack of frustration is more frustrating than the 'original' frustration!?
So funny... ;)