Friday, November 18, 2011

My wish list... (Bogs Riders)

Christmas that is. (Honey your off the hook - I'm not publishing the 'honey do' wishlist. ;)

I have told you how gifting has changed in my house, and I think this list will hopefully follow suit. (Especially since I only have one item on my list!!)

Actually, I have always been pretty good about not wanting exessive or overly expensive things. I have always loved clothing, appliances and other household useful stuff for gifts. I know some people believe that you should never receive clothing, or a pot etc. for Christmas. I know people who would never buy my children clothing as a gift because they didn't feel that was right. (Pfft... my kids love clothing gifts!)

But if we were to analyze this a little closer... why the heck not? 2 years ago, my Christmas gift was a knife. Yes, a knife. May seem strange to some of you... but this is not something I would have ever normally purchase because it was too expensive. This was a $150 Wusthof Classic Cook's Knife, 8-inch . And I LOVE THIS KNIFE! I am so glad I decided to get it. (I choose my Christmas gifts out and sometimes just purchase them myself.) Slicing and dicing has never been so easy and enjoyable with this knife! (Seriously!)

Last year, my dryer conveniently pooched out 2 weeks before Christmas. So guess what I got for Christmas?! A Santa Red (or so I call it!) Samsung front loader washer and dryer! I was in laundry heaven! This gift has allowed me to compress my laundry time. I can now fit in 2.5 standard loads into one load! Seriously, what could make a Mom more happy?

Four years ago, I got a pair of Pajar boots. I had a hard time swallowing the $220 price tag, but they were made in Canada with a durable suede and soft, fuzzy wool lining with a promise to keep my feet warm. Feet that have never been warm in any boot. This boot more than fulfilled it's promised! My feet are always toasty now. (If anyone knows how to make a warm boot - it would be Canada!!) Well, I am now a firm believer in 'You pay for what you get!' I am on the 5th winter with this boot, and when I asked my local shoe store when they would be getting in more Pajar boots, I was told only every 4 years or so because they just last too long that they don't need replacing! I suspect that doesn't make for very good business in a small town, so I doubt I will see them here again.

As I mentioned... this is my 5th winter now in my Pajar boots. They are still in great condition... and I really feel guilty about this - but I am ready for a new boot. Styles have changed and I would like a change... Here is my christmas wish list for this year, and I think you will agree that it is a modest request.

I am dreaming of a pair of Bogs Rider Boots.

They would be very suitable for our winters. Living on a mountain, at times we have up to 4 feet of snow in our back yard, while down town has just a bit of slush. What better of a boot to handle wet slush and deep snow!? This is my justification anyway... as my pajars will get wet (suede only resists moisture, but eventually succumb to it!) after a period of time.

I tried a pair on in the store yesterday and fell in love. People... try them on! Just try them on! SO COMFY and SO WARM! AND, the nice thing is - this year they have many more fashionable options! These are the ones I want... They are very cute on!! (Not to mention good to -40 C/F !!!)

The unfortunate thing is that they didn't have my size. :( Which means that my only hope is that they are able to get more in, or I order online (which is not very easy in Canada) or I go shopping across the border.

Perhaps Santa will hear my pleas and drop a pair down my chimney? Surely those elves know how to make them, or have 'connections'!

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