Friday, November 4, 2011

My favorite child gift idea!

If you asked me what one single gift my children have cherished the most - hands down, it would be a ZOOBIE!

I bought these for the kids 5 yrs ago when they were 3 and 2. Meet Muffin's blanket stuffy...

Hada the Hippo

She's a stuffy by day...

... and a pillow or a blanket by night!
 Meet Mister's stuffy...

Kojo the Croc... who also transforms to pillow and blanket. 

My kids affectionately call them simply "Zoobie". There has not been one road trip or vacation where they have not dragged their Zoobies along. They have been their stand in for a stuffy to sleep with, a soft place to lay their heads on in uncomfortable airport chairs and a blanket to sleep under on the airplane or in the car. We have used them in the rain forest, at hotels, on the beach... just about everywhere! 

The great thing is that their heads are big enough to be cuddled or used as a pillow, while they are using the blanket. The blankets are so soft (as is the Zoobie itself!)... even after a zillion washes! They are also big enough for me to use. In fact, I've been known to steal a bit of Zoobie love here and there. I keep saying I'm going to get myself one, one of these years.

These Zoobies are so much more than just a blanket, pillow or stuffy though. To my kids, they represent vacation, fun and excitement. You can literally 'feel' this when they pull their Zoobies out of the closet and give them a squeeze. I guarantee that they will continue to haul these Zoobies around for at least 10 more years or until they fall apart. (Which may be 40 years!) I know they will always invoke wonderful feelings and memories and therefor will always be treasured.

This is the one I would like to get Zahra...

Zulu the Zebra. 

I really cannot say enough great things about these! I think every child should have one... Funny thing is, when I bought them, they were around $60 and now they are only $35!

Do you have a favorite child gift idea? Something that your child cherishes or cannot live without? Please share...

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