Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kenya Adoption - Calling all parents adopting from Kenya!

I know many of you lurk around in the shadows... but we need you to come out of hiding! The Kenya program is relatively new, always changing and we need each other's support. Please consider doing at least one of the following:

Join the Adopt Kenya 2011 Yahoo group - A new group started in May this year. Currently only has 18 members. A great place to get information, support, encouragement and resources. This group has a couple members whom are currently living in Nairobi... whom provide invaluable information for those of who are preparing to travel. This group is for all parents (from around the world!) adopting from Kenya. This is a private group, and not open to the public.

Email me - Please - 'Email Me' off to the right >>>>

Or at the very least - 'Join this site' (Follow my blog) on the bottom of the right sidebar.

We (members of the Kenya adoption community) are receiving different information about the match meetings (in addition to other things)... or are unable to get any information. The process in Kenya is the same for all of us not matter what country we are from... Canadian, American, Australian etc... It would be so helpful for us all to connect and compare notes, share information, help each other through this process and possibly connect on the other side (Kenya)!!!

I understand why many people choose not to blog about their adoption journeys, but if you are teetering on the fence... I would like to just give you a little nudge. You are here because you are looking for something. Information, inspiration etc... Please share the wealth and share what you have to offer to others who are also seeking. Your experience is priceless information to the next person down the line! The more people we can get the information to, the more orphans that will find a family. Remember - you can choose to go private at any time. ;)


Candice said...

You are so right Jo! Blogging is an incredibly powerful way for adoptive parents to stay connected and prospective adoptive parents to become inspired and find advice and comfort. I am looking at adopting from Russia (I am embarking on this a single woman so my options in terms of country selection are a little more limited) and it was the blogs I read and the encouragement from adoptive parents in cyberspace that gave me the courage and the belief in my heart that I could do this on my own.

Sarah said...

Please consider adopting from New Life in Nairobi. They are amazing in their work and care for abandoned babies. I have visited and was always heart-stirred.
Do you have any info for Americans adopting from Kenya?

Mellissa said...

Hey, there is a new Facebook group for Canadians adopting internationally:
Would be great to have someone adopting from Kenya join!