Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Introducing the new format!

It only took me all day certainly was a time consuming feat!

I was striving for something clean and bright. No clutter, and I was really wanting a white background for the posts.

I'm happy to channel my inner pinkness and was able to incorporate a little bird!

I believe I lost some of the blog addresses that I kept on my sidebar. Some of which I do not officially 'follow' or some that are wordpress blogs. On the other hand, I think I likely gained some that I had not yet gotten around to posting.

Let me know if there was a specific blog that you would like to see back up, or if any of my links etc. are not working. I realize that some of my previous photos and videos that were posted are now too big for the post area... but so be it - I'm not about to go back and edit them! Ha!

Whad'ya think? ( I hope you all like it!! - Hubby just informed me that he preferred the brown, which is fine. I can't expect him to embrace the pink the way I do! Ha!)

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