Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A tip for you Diva's...

Yucky yes... but a topic worth touching upon. Some important information here ladies. Please watch this.

In addition, you can find many articles on his website about this. (He is a fantastic source of information for many things!)

Years ago, hubby and I saw a documentary about the 'sludge'... end product of sewage waste treatment - used to fertilize crops in China. (Well if that isn't one great reason not to purchase food from China!!) The pictures were horrendous... thankfully that it wasn't 'smellovision'! Basically, it was brown sludge with tampons and condoms spread all over the place. Gross. We are literally littering our planet with these things. Now... we can't do without condoms, those will have to stay in the landfill - but there is something you can do about the tampons!

So now we know that it is better for you, and better for the environment... your solution - is a Diva Cup. Here's to never running out of tampons, and never paying a dime more. I know... there is a gross factor... but honestly, you get over it. I think all Mom's out there can stomach this just fine!

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Diva Cup Website

AND - I literally whipped this post up so you can take advantage of today's offer on www.babysteals.com ! They are on for $17!!... they are minimum $30 here, so a great deal! Go now...!

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