Thursday, October 20, 2011

How gifting has changed in my house.

Stuff... we have too much of it, and I am sick of being a "consumer". (Still love to shop mind you... which pretty much makes me an oxymoron!)

Junk gifts... I want to make it more meaningful or useful than just the toy that ends up being tossed in the garbage a few months down the road.

So... I am trying to gift with not only the earth in mind, but also with those that are less fortunate.

Mister has a birthday coming up... and this is what we are giving him.
This is not the exact one, mind you - but it is similar. We bought him a 10 in 1 games table (table tennis, Foosball, air hockey and a bunch of others) that I found listed in a local facebook for sale group. Cost $50. I believe the original cost would have been around $300. Deal! And... we recycled.

For Christmas, I have a couple things in mind.

I LOVE these Go Green Lunch Boxes! A couple kids in Mister's class have these... and they are just wonderful!!

A. you don't have to use any plastic packaging that ends up in the landfills.
B. the kids can't lose the Tupperware containers (like they currently do) - saving me money!

However, at a cost of $43 - it is an item that I would not normally buy, which makes it a great gift for Christmas!

The kids, in addition to all of nieces and nephews - will also be recipients of KIVA cards! Another thing I LOVE!

Kiva credit or gift cards are used for micro financing. The kids can browse on the KIVA website and choose a borrower to which they will lend their money. It may be a farmer in Kenya who would like to purchase a dairy cow, or a Mother in Bolivia seeking to make repairs to her leaky roof. Once the children make their loan, they will then get update reports. Once the loan is paid back, the child can then choose to make another loan, donate it to Kiva, or withdraw the money.

This gift will obviously help those in need, but it is also an invaluable gift for our children as well.
Here are some of the benefits...
  • Serves as a springboard to learning about everyday life for real people across the world
  • Exposes students to the complex histories and cultures of countries often vastly different to their own
  • Provides practical use of computer skills, in both navigating the Kiva website and using the internet as a research tool
  • Teaches about basic business practices and economic principles
  • Engages children in the practice of microfinance as microlenders
  • Introduces children to the possibilities of social entrepreneurship
  • Empowers children to know they can make a difference in the wider world today.
Perhaps you have some other suggestions for the upcoming gifting season? Please share them with me... I am looking for more ideas!!


Anonymous said...

I shall think of some......but my dad usually gets a donation in his name to greenpeace :P It gives me a laugh, he rolls his eyes, and money goes to protecting the environment :)

Jo said...

Cute Alex... I can just imagine the fun you have with that - and the look on your Dad's face! Ha!

Sylvie and Victor said...

Great idea for Kiva! I never heard of it but will definatly look it up.

Thanks for the great informative post. I am learning lots from you!


Anonymous said...

Another great resource is It sells eco friendly products to help fundraise for different organizations. My friends work for SASC (Sexual Assault Support Centre) and they're raising money through the site.