Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in photo's (and a YUMMY recipe!)

Phew... It was a whirlwind Halloween, with Mister's birthday followed by a Halloween on a school day.
Here are some treats we made...
Rice Krispy squares with orange food colouring added to the marshmallow/butter mix.

These were Mister's birthday cupcakes. I didn't want to add a bunch of food colouring to the icing (many kids are sensitive to food colouring nowadays)... so I dipped them in coloured sugar. I first looked everywhere for coloured sugar. Could not find any in orange. Living in a small town requires you to get creative... So I bought professional grade food colouring and dyed the sugar! It surprising worked well! Just add sugar to a ziplock bag and spread some colouring gel on the inside of the bag and then massage it all in. Takes a little while... but so worth it!!

The cupcakes were pumpkin as requested from Mister. And let me tell you, they were most delicious pumpkin cake/cupcake recipe I have ever had!!! Yummo! You must try it! - Recipe is here... So light and fluffy. Since I have all the spices now, I'm going to make a cake this week. Amazingly enough - the kids also loved this recipe!!
This is a brain center piece I carved from a watermelon. Just peel it... and carve it up!
My Autumn Queen
The moth wings, I photo copied out of a magazine and then attached with white eyelash glue. The clear glue does not work - ever. Don't waste your money.
Mr Police Officer
I'm not sure what the hubby is... I saw the mustache and had to buy it. We thought initially a used car salesman, but he also reminded me of Tom Selleck. Ha!
The kids with Grandma and Grandpa.


Anonymous said...

I said it to all their cousins and I shall say it to Muffin and Mister- I am so jealous of your cool grandparents!

Jo said...

They are pretty fond of them too, and have always enjoyed spending time with them!

Candice said...

My grandparents used to dress up for us when I was a kid and my grandpa always wore a spooky mask. Thanks for bringing back a great memory. :)