Friday, March 9, 2012

New rules and trends...

As much as I hate posting 'hearsay' information... I think I'm obliged, and the fact is there likely is not a way to get 100% confirmation anyway.

Our assumptions on the NAC back log has been verified. Supposedly they were backed up from April. We believe that this has now cleared.

We have just heard of a new international adoption rule. Word on the adoption street is that the governing body is not approving adopters to adopt under the age of 12 months. This may seem par with the rest of the world, but Kenya is a bit different. Many babies are abandoned at birth. Orphanages are full of itty bitty, often malnourished and sick, babies. It is a shame that they are not made available to international adopters, as there really isn't enough local Kenyan's to adopt them all. I am also told of a trend, where many people are adopting toddlers and older children. This is fantastic on one hand, but on the other hand, it's also sad that infants have to stay in the orphanage for a full year before they can be adopted.

Another trend that is starting to surface... and please take this with a grain salt... is that requests for multiple children are only being approved for one child. I read about this months ago, and I wish I could remember where... but I can't. However, one family we know was just recently approved for only one when 2 siblings were requested. I am hoping to have more information about this in the upcoming week - but it does indeed concern me.

Yesterday, I had to come with terms with the fact that we likely will only be getting one child, and she will not be an infant, but rather a toddler. If you recall, our request was a female under 2 or twins (b/g or g/g) under 2. If you asked me right now what my first choice is - I would tell you infant twins g/b. But it doesn't work that way. We will simply have to trust that we are given what we are meant to have. We knew there was a high probability that it would be a single female toddler... but now that it is becoming more of a reality. I am happy with this, but still I am mourning the loss of an infant and the opportunity for them to have a sibling they can relate to and identify with. It's sad, and a bit of a double whammy. We know children are best to be in orphanage care the least amount of time, in addition to having a sibling they can relate to.

I hope I can better clarify this in time... but for now, we are feeling our way around in the dark.


Anna said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling blue. :/ In Finland, the issues you described are reality practically in all int.adoptions and is a big reason why we only have ~200 children per year arriving. Most children our all three (!!) agencies get to their lists are either SN or 2+, PLUS here you are not allowed to even WISH the sex of the child. O_o They make you regret it, even if you just hint that you'd prefer one over another. *sigh* Why does it have to be so difficult everywhere...!?! (((hugs)))

'Jo' said...

Oh my... I don't know why. It really is a crazy thing this adoption business. Hang in there Anna! xo