Monday, March 12, 2012

A start on the donations

One thing that we are really looking forward to is spending a lot of time volunteering at a couple of orphanages. We would like to help out at a baby orphanage and a children's home.

The kids wanted to get involved and start a collection. I gave them a challenge to come up with one thing each to hand out at the orphanage. They would have to be relatively small, light, and we would have to be able to have at least a hundred so we can ensure that they all get one, or it would have something that they could share.

They came up with silly bands. They have a ton, and their cousins are going to donate theirs as well. This fits the bill pretty well!! Mister also really wants to take mini sticks. He has a small collection now of 6 sticks. They are fairly light, and I think it would be something durable enough and the children would enjoy playing with them. Although, I'm envisioning some hockey stick fights and knocks over the heads. Hopefully, they are not turned into weapons! yikes! We are hoping to collect at least 20 sticks...

So now we have a start on the packing. A wee little start. I am so far behind everyone else in this regard. (Everyone who is currently at the same stage of this process that I am.) I'm the only one without flights booked, accommodations, and I certainly haven't started packing. I just can't bring myself to do any of this. I don't trust this adoption process enough to know that my toothpaste won't expire before I get there! Seriously!... and now I have lost faith in our gender and age request... so what the heck can I pack? I am waiting on a list of needed items from an orphanage I would like to donate to... just so I can start doing something.

No news on the dossier front - as far as I am aware, it still sits on a desk in Victoria. I am quite concerned about this as it was supposed to be sent to Kenya right away...

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