Monday, March 26, 2012

Croc SALE alert!!

Yes! Zulily now ships to Canada!!

My lil shopping advisor has alerted me to the wonderful news that Crocs will be featured tomorrow. We need some for Kenya... and getting them at more than 50% off appeals to my frugal ways! I believe the last sale they had listed them starting at $9.99. Crocs are a must in Kenya... light weight, water proof and easy to wash off!

Of course if you are in the market for VERY cute clothes for yourself or your kids - that can be accomplished there as well! (and other wonderful great finds!)

If you are new to Zulily - Check it out!!

Sale starts tomorrow at 6am P/T - (UGG!) they go fast though.... so make sure your on time!!
***It appears as they are up to 70% off and going fast - a huge selection, not just the regular clog type!!! Go now!!

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