Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Read a book - give a book - all for FREE!

Adding to the family requires preparation. Adding an adopted child of color requires even more preparation.

You become sensitive not only to the fact that this child will be joining our family by way of adoption, but also that this child will come from a different culture and race. We look at the toys and the books. Is there a good representation of cultural and racial diversity? What about books with adopted children, interracial families - families that may resemble ours? Do we have dolls that will resemble our child?

It is part of our white privilege to never have to think about these things when having 'white' children. If you have never had to think about it - you certainly have never tried to locate a black doll in small town Canada either! It's almost worse than trying to find the remote in my house!

SO... to get back on track... I was looking online for books targeted for the younger audience that fit the above description. Luckily, there are some amazing books out there - so my list is growing quite large. (Yes, you'll know what to get us for birthdays and Christmas! ;)

BUT... I stumbled on a very cool website that allows you to register for free, and read books online for free! And if that isn't good enough - every single time you read one book, they donate a book to a child in need! FOR FREE! Does it get any better? Not really - so you should head on over to We Give Books and start reading! ;)

*If you too are an adoptive parent looking for reading material to add to your library, you may find the video "The Danger of a Single Story" enlightening!


Denise said...

I LOVE that website! I have already pinned it and fb linked it :) It is very difficult to find books that represent many different cultures. And I try to look for books that aren't "stereotypical" black/african books as well. If you haven't seen this TED talk, I think you will find it very interesting...

'Jo' said...

I have seen this video! ... but completely forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder! ;) I'm going to edit to add this link. ;)