Saturday, October 29, 2011

Benefit #1 of adopting within the Kenya program

Is not having to watch your child age in the arms of an orphanage!

In most programs, you must wait for court (to be given legal custody of your child) and then you have to wait for their visa to be issued before you can bring them home. This typically takes 6 months. However, many programs have an extra step or 2 which can increase the wait. If there are any court closures, political changes etc or other bureaucratic hold up... this can severely increase wait times to up to 10 -12 months or more! This is all precious, extra time that your child has to spend in an orphanage... and really how can you quantify the importance of this missed time with your child?

In the Kenya program, we do all that waiting in country, with our child.

Hugs to all those parents who are experiencing long bureaucratic delays and only have monthly update photos to hang on to! I cannot imagine how difficult that must be for you all... It is unfair for you and your child! My heart truly goes out to all of you.

If you know one of these parents, please try to imagine what it would be like to have your child worlds away... wondering if they went to bed hungry or if they were being loved. Give them a hug today - they deserve your support!

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