Saturday, October 22, 2011

Citizenship Part 1 returned and Biometrics!

Good news! A couple of weeks ago, Dan's fingerprinting came back. We found out that the delay was likely cause by his name. Millions of Dan Thompson's in the world... and a probably a few criminals too!

And... surprise, our Citizenship Part 1 came in the mail Thursday! Wow... over 4 months!! Glad we got that in when we did! I'm taking a breath of relief that we filled it out correctly and that 2 were actually returned. (Allowing us to file for 2 children if necessary.)

Onward and upward!


Katie said...

Poor Dan! ha ha. I have a friend who gets stopped at airports all the time because someone with the same name is wanted on an outstanding warrant. Guess that is a reason to give you child a unique name!! :) Glad your citizen docs are back too!

Jo said...

Yes... especially with a last name like Thompson! I tried to give my children unique names, but it seems that everyone else copied (Ha!)... and their names are not 'so' unique now. Thankful that their spellings are though!

Zahra will certainly be unique though... (I hope! ;)