Friday, February 18, 2011

The Price of Convenience

2 years ago, I traded this:
for this:

I recently stumbled over a fantastic article that can explain (much better than I can!) why I got rid of my microwave. You can read it HERE.

"Research has shown microwave ovens to incur serious damage to food during the heating process – from tearing molecules in food apart, causing some nutrients to become inert, to altering the composition to make a healthy substance carcinogenic. There are also issues with plastic containers leeching into the food and exposure to radiation coming from the microwave during the cooking process."

While I had stopped using microwave containers and plastic wrap long ago, the fact that the nutrients were being "zapped" out of the food I was feeding my children - forced me to make the change. (I cringe when I see Mothers warming baby's milk in the microwave...!!)

In exchange for the microwave, we purchased a small Bravetti convection oven. I was concerned about the amount of energy used to heat an entire oven to warm up one piece of pizza. This little oven is fantastic! It can heat up a piece of pizza in minutes, and double as a second oven for Christmas time etc. I cook asparagus in it all the time and use it to brown all my nuts and seeds and salads etc. I can honestly say that I don't miss the microwave. I still sometimes eat convenience food such as frozen lunches (Eek I know - but they are the healthy kind! lol)... in which case I will empty it into a saucepan, or simply heat it up in the convection oven. It does take longer than the microwave - but at least I'm not eating nutrient devoid food anymore! I challenge you to make the switch!

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