Friday, February 11, 2011

55 Random Things about ME

I just uncovered a list I wrote on Facebook a couple years ago... I found it interesting and thought you may too! I added a couple more... and may eventually get to one hundred.

1. I am the oldest sibling of 6.
2. My biggest fault is my need to be in control served up with a side of perfectionism... I guess I am a true "Leo".
3. My favorite colour is green and pink, but most of my wardrobe is brown... it is the new black after all!
4. I need to read before I go to sleep at night.
5. I once bred Cockroaches... yes it's true, even Madagascar Hissers!
6. I also bred Silkworms.
7. If people new me they would find that strange, as I USED to be very afraid of moths and butterflies... now I just prefer them to be under 3 inches before they land on me...eeeww.
8. I love sushi.
9. I love to cook, the more gourmet and challenging... the better!
10. I suck at baking, because I find following a recipe very challenging, as I always tweak recipes when I cook - and that does not work with baking!
11. I had an appendectomy when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Mister.
12. My feet are a size 6.5 - 7.. and I cannot wear a heel without a heel strap as my foot would fall off the shoe - darnit!
13. I love shoes... you will never be too fat to wear your shoes!
14. I love to travel in my shoes... I want to see the world!
15. I love my son's "cuddlies" in the morning.
16. I love the smell of lemons and eucalyptus...
17. My daughter makes me beam with pride.
18. My life goal is to adopt not only a child, but Africa into my heart. 19. The only food I cannot eat is olives... yuck!
20. I have a strange attraction to men with long hair.
21. I am going to do my best to take up a new sport this spring... perhaps Squash.
22. I have a really great Spaghetti Squash recipe if anyone wants it!
23. I eat vegetables people may have never heard of or would never buy... rapini, kale, swiss chard and bok choy to name a few...
24. Sitting here now I realize that I forgot to eat lunch today and that might explain why I keep coming back to the topic of food!
25.I think my husband is the best husband in the world, not because I am biased... he just really is.
26. We are organic junkies, I try to provide my children with the best nutrition possible. I hate that we can't always afford to buy organic meat.
27. When I was in High School, I wanted to become a social worker and work in an adoption agency. How ironic is that?
28. I ended up going for Business Administration, because I became concerned that if I were to become a social worker, I would end up with 12 children and working for free.
29. The first time I ever went skiing with my husband, I totally stuck my ski tips in the hill, and the chair ran us over.
30. I am now scared of departing a chair on the chairlift.
31. When I was 15, my BFF and I pierced our belly buttons ourselves!
32. I don't have any tattoos, and I would need a REALLY good reason to ever get one... not just because I think daisies are pretty.
33. I really dislike my current business/working position and constantly look for discractions to get me out of work.
34. I peel a banana the right way - not like monkeys do, despite my husband's efforts to prove that monkeys are professional banana peelers.
35. My husband is 13 yrs older than me. That freaked me out at first, but I fell in love with his maturity and charisma. He exuded chivalry in ways that no man of the age of 25 could!
36. I now realize that wasn't necessarily a product of his age, but just who he is.
37. I LOATHE it when fellow Facebookers deny you access to their wall. What is the point of being my friend on facebook? Obviously, you either have something to hide, or we are not close enough - and therefore you should just "un-friend" me!
38. I also don't like when people emotionally unload a facebook rant about their "baby's sperm donor not paying the child support that month" etc... Please have the respect for your child not to diss on a public forum about their bio parent. It is so immature and tacky.
39. I do not work out as much as I should - I plan to change that.
40. I can skip meals all the time without it bothering me.
41. I realize that not eating regularly really hinders any weightloss efforts.
42. I love gardening... esp. tomatoes. I get such great satisfaction out of growing my own food!
43. Yes, I am a soccer Mom with minivan to boot. Honestly, once you go minivan you will never look at another vehicle again.
44. If I won the lottery, I would pay of all our debt... and travel the world doing missionary work along the way.
45. I procrastinate doing laundry.
46. My favorite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese icing the way my Mom makes it. No one can make it the same.
47. I feel bad for killing insects or mice... I will take them outside if I'm in charge. (I know... they will only come back, but still I can't do it.)
48. I once had 2 chameleons for pets, and that is why I bred the roaches and silkworms.
49. My children are the center of my universe.
50. My toothpaste does not contain flouride - I refuse to use it.
51. My all time guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor or the Bachelorette!
52. It drives me nuts when people cannot accept scientific fact ie) global warming has been confirmed and organic is better for you. What would be the consequence of believing this? You may start recycling and eat an apple with no insecticides/pesticides - that would just be TERRIBLE!
53. I am currently in a state of confusion in this adoption process... how many, what country... etc. I need God to speak to me!
54. I do not like my cats or anyone/thing else in my office - they always seem to make a bigger mess of it than what it already is.
55. I am researched obsessed -One example- my friends will tell you that to buy a carseat etc., I will have to compile a 50 page report of research on which one is the safest and best to buy and why. And then I will hand out the report to anyone I feel could make use of it, then it drives me bonkers when they don't heed the advice and carelessly (in my mind) make a purchase decision. Which brings me back to #2. Hmmm mmm.

... so that's a little quirky peek into my oddball brain. Hope it didn't scare you off!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, girlfriend! it must be a Leo thing, I 'hate' following a receipe (maybe we think it's control, lol?!)so when I give anyone a receipe, they always say, 'give me the right one'.

crazy with you,

Jo said...

I think your on to something Shirley - it must be a control issue! Ha! Why would we listen to a tried and tested recipe, when we can re-invent it 'our' way!