Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blessing or a Curse?

Imagine (the agency we have been on a waiting list with for over a year for the Ethiopia program), has merged with Mission of Tears. They will be shutting down their agency location and all files will be transferred to the MOT location. What does this mean for us?

1 of 2 things.
It will either help our case - operations will be better managed, and perhaps referrals will pick up pace.
(CHOICES does not work with Imagine, but does contract with MOT. This is a big bonus for us, as we would have had to pay more money and transfer our HS to a cooperating agency, should we finally get the call from Imagine. It is comforting to know that our agency can now act on our behalf for either DRC or Ethiopia (Imagine).)


It will hinder our process. We do not have a file with Imagine. Our name is simply written on some scrap of paper that has probably worked it's way under some dusty filing cabinet. The list is known as the "new client list". This is the waiting list to get a file to be on the official "Waiting List". Will MOT honour this list? I certainly do not want to lose my place in line that took me 12 months to get there! I have spoken with (and followed up with an email) MOT, and they have yet to get back to me. There is also some talk that MOT has age restrictions, which may affect us with Dan's age.

I guess we have come to that fork in the road, where we have to wait and see if the vehicle veers left or proceeds to the right. I am hoping this is a sign!

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