Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EYE am infected!

Isn't this pretty!? I developed this infection on Saturday night. Dan's sister and brother in law were out visiting us, and we were out for a nice dinner, but had to cut the post dinner cocktails short as I was afraid of freaking people out with my eyeball. This is what it looked like right before bed, and I wish I could show you what it looked like when I woke up! It was nasty! It was almost swollen shut, bright red and the white of my eye was swollen past the cornea... it looked like jelly. Gross. Needless to say, I went to Emergency. I got quite a few looks! The nurses and doctor were quite impressed. The nurse said it was the worst infection she had ever seen and the Doctor called it "very impressive". She gave me a prescription for oral antibiotics, but because I had cold on that same side of my head (odd I know), I was pretty sure it was from the cold. So... I waited it out and it did eventually go down - however, that night the same thing started in the other eye. Dan got me some polysporin drops, and that seems to be keeping it from getting out of control like my left eye did. If you were to see me right now... you'd see 2 puffy, seepy, bright red eyes worthy of glowing in the dark I'm sure.

Hubby asked me for his passport at 5am this morning, and I was literally fumbling through my night stand blind because my eyes were so caked! Yuck. I'm praying for sunshine today so I can hide behind some sunglasses!

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