Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I love! (with a side of adoption blahs)

I seem to be having an adoption "blah" day about once a week. Granted, it is because every day seems like a week, and every week a month, because I relentlessly try to push this another step forward every day. I speak with agencies, research, and browse. I can be a very patient person - heck, I waited and sat around for Ethiopia for a year, but only because I knew there was absolutely nothing to speed up the process or to change anything.

In January this year, I had decided that I had enough - and I needed to make this adoption happen. I have rec'd some sage advice telling me not to push it, just let it happen. I understand that logic, but I also wonder if the results would be similar to not being pro active about your own health care. It would be like committing adoption suicide... I know that I am the only one who can make this happen. The agencies are happy to take your money and the rest is left up to you sort out. I feel like I need to do everything in my power I can to keep the wheels in motion. Almost everything in adoption is going against you, there are so many obstacles and issues, changes and failures. If you don't keep pushing forward, you will be pushed back and out that proverbial door.

I am so looking forward to the day when there is nothing more I can possibly do but wait.... leave it on the lap of fate and faith. Until then, I know these up and down days are my reality. So, in an effort to try to keep positive, I am going to post about things I love on my down days.

I will start with how I started my day this am. A smoothie. I love my breakfast smoothie!

I start with frozen blueberries, followed by plain yogurt, ground flax seeds, lemon flavoured krill omega oil, a scoop of Dr Mercola's strawberry Pro Optimal Whey, (which I LOVE), then half a banana and some almond milk. I will also sometimes add a raw egg, or coconut.

I whip it up in my magic bullet... and then enjoy. Pure goodness!

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