Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mommy Love

My son has been going through the "germ" phase, he won't share anything with anybody and won't get close if he thinks a kiss may be detonated his way. If I ask for a taste of his yogurt or pudding, he'll go get a fresh spoon for me, so his doesn't get contaminated. If I land a kiss on his cheek... he's quick to wipe it off. lol. ... and you should the mayham that occurs if his sister pelts him with a kiss! lol.

I have such a good time teasing him about this... scooping his 56lb self up and smothering him kisses. He hates it! But... it's all in fun.

Last night, I was sitting down watching a movie and doing a puzzle, and he came in, plopped himself on my lap, grabbed my head with his hands and gave me the hugest, WETtest kiss ever! Shocked - I said playfully - "Oh- oh, C....., now you have Mommy germs!!" and he replied "No. Now I have Mommy Love!"

Awww... melt my heart that child does!!

Here's a picture of the little Kermujun as an infant. I wish I could turn back time and have a few minutes to just hug and squeeze his baby self. So cute.

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