Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In my tub...

I decided to have a shower last night before bed... incidentally, the kids had just had a bath hours prior. I pulled back the shower curtain and was a bit surprised by the "stuff" lying in the bottom of the tub. Where would I stand!? So I shoved it all aside and took inventory...

1 blue whale
1 wooden elastic propelled boat
1 killer whale
1 blow fish
1 sea turtle
1 baby sea turtle
1 frisbee
2 wet socks
1 alien
1 half of rocket ship
1 red london transport double decker bus
1 little green bucket
1 yogurt container
1 pink princess cup
1 lobster
2 seashells
and 1 barbie high heeled shoe.

And the funny thing is... it makes me smile. There won't be too many more years before I am just left with the ring around the tub!

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