Monday, November 4, 2013

Kenya adoption - Breaking news

It has been confirmed this morning that the National Adoption Committee (NAC) has been disbanded.

There have been no meetings in September or October, 2013 and it unknown at this time when the committee will be reconstituted.

The new Government is currently restructuring.

"When I took office about two months ago, I promised that we will radically change the way the Government operates so that it is able to deliver efficient and effective services to the people. That journey has begun with our restructuring of Government ministries and the naming of Cabinet Secretaries. These secretaries have been tasked with the responsibility of implementing our development agenda across all sectors of our economy."

Kenyatta as quoted here.

We are seeing a new change within immigration and the issuance of passports. They are no longer issuing Kenyan passports to adopted children who do not have a birth certificate (most).

"Immigration Dept. stated that they have been "interpreting the law" incorrectly by giving adopted children passports since their citizenship is unknown.  What they are now issuing is Identity Papers (which is just a piece of paper with their picture on it)."

For some countries, this will not affect your process as your governments will accept this document. For those of us who need Kenyan passports to fly on, you will now need to obtain a court order (confirmation from courts of citizenship) for passport issuance.

This is not a large deal, but could tack on an extra few weeks to your residency.
Let's hope that Kenyatta's restructuring is for the best, and it manages to weed out some of the corruption.

I am sad for you in process, but urge you to hang on to hope.

I am disappointed by the Governments (depts/agencies) lack of communication. The Kenyan way is to not be the bearer of any bad news... which seems to affect the flow of communication.

This is unfortunate news, but what is worse is to allow those in process to believe that their dossiers have been submitted, and that meetings have taken place, and that they are all waiting for word of approval. Leaving these families on the edge of their seats. every. day.

This is wrong. It is much easier to 'know' the truth and deal with the facts rather than not knowing.

I hope this changes in the future. Notices should be made on all websites, media and notices followed down the lines of agencies.

Hang in there everyone!

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Ulrika Siira said...

Hi there,
Today we have got a message from our adopion committee that the committe now is officially disbanded and that a new committee will be in place soon!
It is also said that this is according to routine.