Monday, November 4, 2013

How your Custom Holiday Photo Cards can help orphans!!

As you know, I have been having a lot of fun dabbling in Graphic Design (here, here and here), so I might as well put it to good use.

I have decided to offer Custom Made Photo cards for a minimum donation of $10 to the Linked Through Love Foundation. (For any of their orphan care projects, DRC or Kenya.)

The photo cards will be offered in jpeg file format 2100 x 1500 to print in 5x7 format at your local photo studio, Costco, Walmart etc., or online. (I really don't recommend the kiosk printing machines at Walmart though, I find the quality to be terrible.) Or if you like, you can pass along your Holiday Greetings via email, Facebook etc. with a digital copy.

This is open to anyone around the world.

Here are some templates that I have created. You can choose from any of these....

Or you can get something a little more custom, like this.

All the above can be customized, and colors will typically depend on what I have available, or what best compliments your photo.

For more templates, see here and here.

For Baby announcements, see here.

How do you get started??

1. Email me the photo(s) you would like to use in large file format. Email to jolenelath at gmail dot com

2. Choose a template above.

3. Tell me the exact wording, including punctuation and capital letters. Check your spelling please.

4. Any changes or preferences, let me know.

Once you have confirmed with me, please make your $10 donation over at Linked Through Love and email me your receipt.

I should be able to have a turn around in 1-2 days, depending on demand.

*If your not in the market for Christmas cards, I can also do birthday cards, facebook cover photos etc.

* I can also do some photo editing if you throw a little extra in the pot - Got a bad tooth, skin blemish, forgot mascara, shiny forehead....? etc. :)

What do you say? It's a win/win situation... let's help those children find a warm bed to crawl into with a belly full of food this holiday season!

PLEASE help us even further by sharing this post on your Facebook pages, blogs etc. This offer is available around the world.

Let's get started!


Elizabeth said...

Love the idea! What a great fundraiser. Wish I had a little one to share. Will look to see what I've got. I could do one of the trip to my country in May 2012, somewhat happier time than now! Is there any way to put on the card that it supports Linked Through Love? A lot of the UK Christmas cards say on the back which charity they support.

'Jo' said...

Thanks Elizabeth. Absolutely! I can only add it on the front though, as you would be getting these printed as a photo. Or alternatively, you can get them printed on the front of a card that opens and you could add the inside font yourself. ie. 100% proceeds donated to Linked Through Love... etc. :)

Sending you well wishes!!

Anonymous said...

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~ sunita
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