Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter (SNOW!) Sensory Bin

Tomorrow is the last day of November, and we still do not have snow on the ground!
Zahra is so eager to make a snowman! She draws and talks about them all the time.
I decided since I can't control the weather, I would find a way to make my own snow. I googled my way to some wonderful recipes, but decided to go with this one.

It is cold to the touch!

It powders like real snow!

It compacts like real snow!
What is it!?
It is so simple!!
Are you ready for it?
6 cups of baking soda
1 cup of hair conditioner
Yep, that's it!
Our bin is pretty large, so we tripled this recipe.
The cost? $7
Chances are, you live in a less remote place as we do, and will have better luck finding 'winter' animals, like penguins and polar bears!
My kids laughed at me when I brought home the donkey, sheep and turkey. But hey, these are animals that do live in our snowy climate!
Tips for this craft: We purchased a large $2 bottle of conditioner from Walmart that had a very strong floral scent. The scent is rather overpowering really. I highly suggest purchasing a non scented conditioner if you have the option! I would have loved to do a non scented with some peppermint essential oil! (Unless you are able to find cheap peppermint conditioner!)
My older kids LOVE this just as much as Z does!
(Not safe for consumption - so watch the little ones!)


Elizabeth said...

Love it! How long will it last?

Katie said...

awesome! :) We love sensory bins. I've made cloud dough a few times (flour and mineral oil) and we love the texture, but this looks fabulous too!

Jolene said...

Elizabeth, it will last until we get bored of it. :)
Katie, I also have a recipe for playdough that is cornstarch and conditioner. It looks good. I'll post the recipe. :)

Anonymous said...

I need to try this! Looks so much fun that I want to try it myself too.

Anonymous said...

This is a huge success on this side of the world too, so much fun. Thanks for sharing!